The anatomical exploration of the dying moments of a Squat

Squatting isn’t the most glamorous way of living. It’s often grungy, self-made, luxury free and risky. But it is also liberating and can be a valid way of living life. Never the less, living in a squat has one aspect that is common: it is temporary. Some squats are gone within days or even hours, others last for years, if not decades. The way squatters leave a property also varies. Sometimes it’s in peace since they know that the property they were in will find a good purpose, other times it goes violently and with a lot of show.

The Voetzoeker in Utrecht was neither, the inhabitants of this squats were arrested two days prior to the clearing and didn’t got a chance to move their belongings to a new home. This resulted in an eerie state of being. The preparations were started but froze in time, awaiting the final execution as the police declared the verdict; trash and destroy.


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